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2013 CPSE Expo Hikvision as the highlights
Announcer:小编  Posted on:2016/7/29 16:24:32  Hits:476
  October 29 - November 1, the 14th CPSE Security Expo in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center held a grand, Hikvision to bring new products, technologies and solutions, and has just released "fluorite" micro-video business grand exhibition.
  "Sharing HDIY new security, Imagination Mobile Internet" is the theme of this exhibition Hikvision, Hikvision fully embodies the field of security in the security industry to continue to explore the depth and to enter the field of Internet exploration and preparation. Hikvision as the industry's first "smart smart big wisdom" Smart IPC series of intelligent network cameras and HD applications and management of the complete high-definition product chain, 800 million high-definition IPC, 500 million real-time high-definition IPC, 60 frames 200 Million pixels IPC, 200 million high-definition automatic tracking ball new security products.
  Hikvision as the display of a variety of high-tech, eye-catching. Such as the leading H.265 technology, 5A-level high-definition technology, smooth engine, binocular stereo vision, large library face retrieval, cloud storage and other intelligent forward-looking technology, a new generation of individual systems, parking induction and reverse car search system, As well as IT, IP, HD, intelligent, Internet of things, cloud computing under the age of large data intelligent city of the overall solution, more financial, transportation, energy, building, justice, culture, education and health industry applications based on demand , "Fully embodies the concept of" high-definition DIY ", as Hikvision president Hu Yangzhong in the 28th president meeting said:" 2013, the security application of high-definition universal universal, cross-border development trend: from Specific occasions to expand to more segments, and sub-sectors of the business management depth integration.High-definition, intelligent technology based on the visualization of the new security era of management applications.Faced with the user's complex, personalized HD application requirements, Custom smart HD solutions will be a typical feature of the new security era.